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Whats The Requirement To Apply Canada PR For Overseas Doctors And Registered Nurses ? Edit

What’s The Requirement To Apply Canada PR For Overseas Doctor’s And Registered Nurses And All Types Of Medical Graduates?

My Question is like any Medical graduate can apply for a PR Visa OR Should they get a certificate before start the PR Application? I am also in immigration field and there is many client from Medically background and they are asking same doubts i am little confusing on this topic if Anyone know exact Process for above mention Occupation you can post your answer here or also you can reach me on my personal Mail id - [email protected] If you have done any case related to Medical Occupation you can post entire Process Here..

Waiting for your reply....



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6 Answers


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Get to him if you need quality service on this I can confirm he is actually a professional and consultant on this. I got the information from his page and it has always helped me and others i have c . ...  (More...)


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Your age must be under 40 yearsYou must be a Graduate from a recognized UniversityYou must have at least 1 year of work experienceYou must be proficient in the English LanguageYou must be of good heal ...  (More...)

Overseas Nurses and Doctors can apply for the Canada PR Visa through following procedure:1) Need to research each provincial association2) Self Assess and Apply for the said province3) After the tempo ...  (More...)

Overseas  Doctors and Nurses can still apply for Canada PR trough Express entry Process even without Registration and licensing in Canada as Doctor.But states will not nominate them from express ...  (More...)

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